Website development

Quick and easy to use website within one week? It’s possible. We build websites using WordPress. Ask us how we do it.

Online Marketing strategy

SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing.. lost within posibities and need a new burst for your business? Ask us how!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an effective way to drive profitable traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization helps you increase the visibility of your website in order to attract more customers. Let us do it, and not only your readers will get the candy for thier eyes, but Google too!

Social Media Marketing

We specialize in social media marketing strategies designed to improve online branding, awareness and ROI. Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Intagram, Google+ and others will build up communication with your customers in more personal way.

E-mail Marketing

Effective Email Marketing is the most valuable of all online marketing tactics. It is extremely cost effective, can be highly targeted and customised. “You’ve got mail!”- has a new meaning, let it be interesting message from your company.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pey Per Click campaigns are essential part of website promotion on the internet and one of the most useful parts of paid search marketing. The main attribute of it, is that you get an immediate result from your campaign.